Marc McMain for US Congress

Advocate for Agriculture

Farming and agriculture are Georgia’s largest industry. It is a vital part of the 10th District’s economy and way of life. With over 70 billion dollars contributed to our state’s economy, agriculture represents about 1 in 7 of all Georgia jobs.



Georgia’s farmers play an essential role in feeding our country and the world. Georgia has a great tradition of bringing agricultural products to market in both the domestic and international markets. As a congressman, Marc would work to ensure that Georgia farmers have fair access to world markets. While Marc supports free trade, he would not support trade agreements with other countries that put Georgia farmers at a competitive disadvantage.



As we learned during the pandemic, we should never have to fully rely on other countries for our essential supplies and services. Whether it was the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, or other commercial items, we must have the ability to produce essential supplies here in the United States. That is especially true when it comes to our food supply. The United States must always be able to feed itself. For that reason, we must protect our farming, cattle, poultry, and other agricultural industries to ensure that the United States always has the ability to produce the food and other agricultural products that we need in a way that is reliable and affordable for consumers.


Being in the publishing business, Marc has a special interest in the timber industry and has tremendous respect and appreciation for the hard work and risk that goes along with farming and other agricultural industries. Farmers of every sector can count on Marc to be a strong supporter of Georgia’s agricultural industry in Washington.

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