Marc McMain for US Congress

Marc's Endorsements

“Marc has the leadership traits and conservative values that we need in Washington D.C. Marc is a rock-solid supporter of law enforcement and first responders. He will be a strong voice in the fight against liberal pressures to defund the police."
"Marc has my full and complete support. Marc is a patriot. I'm behind Marc 100% and I encourage the voters of Georgia's 10th district to join me in supporting Marc McMain for Congress."
"Marc McMain is different - he’s not a politician. Marc was a strong supporter of law enforcement long before he decided to run for Congress. He genuinely cares about the challenges facing our law enforcement officers and I trust Marc to advocate for them. That’s why I’m endorsing Marc for Congress."
“I’ve worked to grow businesses and help to grow the Republican Party in Georgia for more than 40 years and I can tell you that Marc McMain is a true patriot and conservative. I’m proud to endorse Marc McMain for Congress in Georgia’s 10th district. Marc has the character and backbone that we need in Washington.”
"Never have we needed stronger support for our law enforcement community than now. That is why I am endorsing Marc McMain for Congress. Marc will stand up for our police and the rule of law. He will fight for the men and women in blue that serve and protect our communities every day."
Chief Roy Whitehead, Retired
Snellville, GA
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